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2018 FRC Season - POWER UP


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2017 FRC Season

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2017 Bag Day



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CAD Rendering

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2016 Robot Rendition


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Overview of Robotics Activities

FIRST Robotics Competition

Since inception in 1999 "Monsters team 308", participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition, have worked to develop a reputation as an innovative competitor. In 2018 "More Monsters team 7178" was added to support the growing enthusiasm for STEM related activities in the Walled Lake high schools (Central, Western and Northern). During our tenure, the designs and fabrication techniques of The Monsters mentors and Students have earned the team numerous awards for quality and engineering excellence. The Monsters have qualified to compete at the State and National level.

Based out of Walled Lake Western High School, Teams 308 & 7178 have well-established facilities for fabrication and testing. Team members have free access to Autodesk design software, lab space for robot fabrication, and a practice field. Under the guidance of Mentors, students have the opportunity to fabricate robots using precision machinery such as mills, lathes and brake presses.  Many of which have been donated to the Team by our Sponsors.

Whenever possible Mentors and students will partner with our sponsors to fabricate key components and assemblies, giving students a chance to experience working in the real world. We are entirely self-funded.  Building a good team, like building a good robot, requires planning, promoting, and resources.  Our students work year-round to contact businesses to make our 'pitch' for support.

OCCRA Robotic Teams 308 & 803

In 2012 the Students and Mentors joined the Oakland County Robotics Association also known as OCCRA, effectively adding a fall season to the Team schedule. Walled Lake Schools previously had a team that thrived in the early years but it was not able to keep operating and dropped out of the competition. A unique opportunity for Oakland County high schools, the OCCRA program provides all the fun and excitement of the USFirst Competition at a greatly reduced cost.  In the three years recently competing in OCCRA, we have advanced from a rookie team to the top-seeded team in the County for the 2014 season.  2014 also saw the addition of a second OCCRA team based out of Walled Lake Western High School.



Community Outreach

The team works with Walled Lake Schools to integrate competitive robotics into the High School Classroom. Team members and coaches are closely integrated into the Engineering and Robotics curriculum helping set lesson plans and activities supporting the robotics and engineering classes at Walled Lake Western. Additionally, each summer the team hosts a Robot Camp for incoming high school freshmen and 7th / 8th grade middle school students. Students work with veteran team members in a competitive workshop modeled after actual robotics competition. Elements of design, build, strategy, and practice all come into the activity as the students compete with other teams at the camp. The Monsters also support Walled Lake Community Outreach Events (library, parade and elementary schools) to demonstrate the robotics program as well as supporting VEX robotics competitions with student team members volunteering during these events.