2014 Robotics Camp

Team 308, The Monsters, hosted their inaugural robotics workshop 11-15 August at Walled Lake Western's Robotics Lab.  It was a week of building and trying then rebuilding and retrying as the group of 15 students mentored by 9 team members from the Walled lake High School Robotics Team worked in groups of 3-4 students each to design and build a competitive robot.

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Each team was given a unique chassis configuration that they built and adapted to compete in a game of 'herding' tennis balls into a goal.  They played on a regulation sized arena similar to the VEX Robotics Competition field with a maze intended to challenge players as they negotiated to capture as many field pieces (Tennis Balls) as possible and move them up a ramp to their respective goal.  Later the game was revised by removing the ramps and requiring the balls to be lifted into the goal. Teams worked in the Walled Lake Western Robotics Lab classroom to build and program their creations.  The field, located adjacent to the classroom made it easy for students to try their robots as they prepared for competition.

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Workshop students worked closely with student members of the Walled Lake High School Robotics team to test their robots and practice.

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The Workshop Students proudly display their robots with the Walled Lake Robotics Team Coach/Mentors

Students proudly display their robots with their Coach/Mentors from the Walled Lake Robotics Team

If you would like to learn more about our robot workshops or get on the list for the next one, send us an email to: INFO@MONSTERS308.ORG