Mentors, Awards and History

Our Mentors

Bill Clark
Bill Leech
Anuj Bhatia
Jeff Clark
Jay Easter
Scott Gilbert
Stuart Klocko
Jean-Philippe Loew
Bob Lykowski
Ron Lucas
Marc Malott
Tom Moceri
Steve Sexton
Mike Sulkowski
Jeff Tibbenham

Ford (Retired)
B&P Process Equipment
Meadowbrook Insurance
Blue Cross Blue Shield


Walled Lake Schools’ Team 308 was formed in 1999 and is comprised of students from Walled Lake’s Central, Northern and Western High Schools. Mentoring our team are engineers from TRW, Tecla Products, Chrysler, Ford, B & P Process Equipment, and Keysight Technologies. In the 2002 season, Team 308 recorded its best finish as Runner-Up at The World Championship with the game “Zone Zeal”. In 2010, The Monsters were narrowly defeated at the World Championship in the elimination rounds by the team that went on to clinch the World Champion title. The Monsters are the proud recipients of the following awards:




Harrison Robo-Hawks

Excerpt from the 1997 scrapbook. "This super 1997 First team was conceived in mid November, 1996, by TRW and Harrison High School, born on January 9, 1997, at 5 p.m., and named Robo Hawk. The team has 57 members consisting of 27 TRW engineers, 8 high school faculty members, and 22 high school students ranging from freshmen to seniors….This is our first year to compete in the First Competition, and we are confident that we will return home winners regardless of the outcome.”

The Harrison Robo Hawks Team 139 went to Nationals held that year in the Epcot Center in Walt Disney World, Florida.



Monsters Team 308

For the 1999 season, TRW moved from Harrison High School to the two Walled Lake High Schools, Central and Western.  Upon moving to Walled Lake, they took on the new number 308, and set to the new task of creating a new team. The team’s meetings were still held at TRW’s headquarters, with the mentors from the previous team staying on the new one. One of the first tasks at hand was to come up with a new name and mascot, and by late January of ’99, they narrowed it down to two finalists:

~The Monster Wally

~The Raging Squirrel

Eventually the team chose the Monster, and thus the Walled Lake Monster was created. The team in 1999 was divided into several large groups:  Electrical, Mechanical, Drive, Animation, and Public Relations. The team at this time had 30 students, which exceeded TRW’s expectancy of 25.


FUN FACT: The original robots were all named “Audrey”, after the man-eating plant in Little Shop of Horrors. This was chosen because Audrey would always “eat up” the competition. We are currently on “Audrey XIV” with this year’s robot.