CAD/CAM/CNC at Walled Lake Western

Walled Lake Western is working to incorporate a CNC router into the Robotics curriculum.

CNC Machine

In the Classroom

Example of Projects - Designed by Students in CAD and Fabricated using CNC

CNC Claw in Classroom Rendering

CNC Claw in Classroom

Klocko Gen 1 Claw

Klocko Gen 3 Claw

Klocko Gen 4 Claw

Claw Misc 3

Klocko Gen 2 Claw

Claw Misc 2

Claw Misc 1

Hinged Flower Closed

Hinged Flower Open

FIRST Robotics Team

Designed by Students in CAD and Several Components Fabricated using CNC


2016 Robot Rendition

Prototype Robot



Build 9

Competition Robot


Thrower 1

Thrower Competition