Robotics Camp Overview


Each year the Monsters host a robotics camp for incoming high school freshmen and 7th / 8th grade middle school students.

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Students work with veteran team members of the Walled Lake High School Robotics Team in a competitive workshop modeled after actual robotics competition.

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The camp meets for five days (M-F) from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  During that time the students are working to design and build the best machine to play a game.

Elements of design, build, strategy, and practice all come into the activity as the students compete with other teams at the camp.

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The schedule looks something like this:


Introduction to the shop and practice field, the mentors (HS team students), and an overview of the game.
Students are given a general design for their chassis (size, wheel type, motors) and encouraged to generate ideas on how to play the game.  Chassis build is started as soon as possible to encourage students to try their hand at driving on the actual field.

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Work continues and the students are put under a deadline to have a working robot by mid-day Wednesday.



Starting around noon the students take their robot and play a scrimmage double elimination. Each team has a chance to see how their ideas work.

Design, Strategy, and Practice all come into play to see who has the best 'game'!

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This day is dedicated to understanding what went right and what could be improved to make the robot, and the game better.  

Students have all day Thursday and Friday morning to fix/improve their robot.

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Teams make the last minute updates on their robot in the morning with the final competition played (double elimination) similar to Wednesday starting around noon.

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Wednesday's Matches

Walled Lake Robotics
Friday's Matches

The camp is $175/week and includes lunch and a team shirt.  

Each group will have 1-2 mentors from the Walled Lake High School robotics team for all five days.

Parents and family members are welcome to join us and watch the competition Wednesday or Friday.

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